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Full of Flavour Spring Recipes Video

Take your health kick to tasty new levels with Turmeric

Schwartz Mediterranean Vegetable Shakshuka

Schwartz Hollandaise Sauce


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Schwartz’s new Street Food seasonings range wins Product of the Year 2019

In the largest consumer survey of its kind, voted for by over 10,000 consumers, Schwartz’s Street Food Seasonings range has been crowned winner of Product of the Year 2019 within the Seasonings category.

The Black Pepper Secret: 5 tips for sweet & savoury surprises

There’s no doubt about it, black pepper is the unsung hero of the herb and spice rack. But while it maintains a steady presence bringing extra depth to many a recipe, it’s much more than salt’s seasoning sidekick. Here, we tell you how to use a touch of black pepper to bring a pop to sweet dishes, or vary your savoury recipes with the punch of coarse ground peppercorns.

Light and luscious low sugar recipes

We all love a sweet treat every now and then – but refined sugar can often hide in the places you least expect. As well as being in fizzy drinks and biscuits, you can also find it in breakfast cereals, sauces and more. However, simple swaps can dramatically reduce your refined sugar intake for a healthier week. These recipes use simple tricks to satisfy your sweet tooth with more nutritious alternatives, such as fresh fruit or a hint of sweet spices. And the best bit? You won’t even be able to tell the difference.

Delicious dinners for scrummy leftover lunches

As the kids head back to school, the October half term got us thinking about how to manage multiple mealtimes. Preparing food for hungry mouths throughout the day can leave you with no time for the fun stuff – but batch cooking ahead of time can often lead to the same meals day after day. Here, we’ve put together our favourite easy dinner ideas that also double as delicious next-day lunches.