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Pancake Day: The Ultimate Pancake Guide

Who’d have thought that Pancake Day originally started as a way to use up ingredients before 40 days of fasting? Today, it’s the perfect excuse to eat too many of our favourite sweet and savoury creations! These pancake recipes have been specially prepared to wow your friends and family – regardless of culinary ability. Frying pan newbie? Never fear – we’ll tell you how to make flip-perfect pancakes in a jiffy. Or if you’re a dab hand with the basics, why not try something new this year with crispy pancake rolls or oozy crêpe Florentine.

Special Christmas Pancakes

Why have a boring old round pancake when you can have a Christmas tree or a snowflake? All you need is Christmas shaped cookie cutters. You can make classic pancakes or if you are in the mood for something a little lighter, try this healthier recipe, with Schwartz Ground Cinnamon to give the pancakes a wonderful hit of Christmas warmth and flavour.

The Ultimate Guide: How to Make Jam

It’s one of life’s greatest and simplest pleasures - a crunchy slice of thick cut toast with a brush of butter and a generous helping of rustic jam. And there’s no doubt about it, making your own jam from scratch not only brings about that special feeling of having created something for yourself, it’s also plenty more flavourful than the supermarket offerings. For the uninitiated, making your own preserves can seem like a daunting prospect – but this handy Schwartz guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to make jam, where and when to pick seasonal fruit, and how to store it afterwards.

The ultimate Halloween party menu

If you’re more of a Stranger Things than Nightmare on Elm Street fan, these Halloween recipes are just the thing for a ghoulishly good time. So set the table ready for a freaky feast and get all of your favourite horror movies ready to roll - this scarily good menu will keep you going through a whole host of Halloween fun!


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