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These recipes use the freshest seasonal ingredients and exciting flavours to Give Spring a Flavourful Zing!

Spring is bursting into life with fresh, colourful produce and warmer, longer days allowing us to eat outside and make the most of our seasonal ingredients after the long cold winter.

Try these spring recipes using Schwartz herbs & spices

Create seasonal recipes with a little help from Schwartz. For rapid satisfaction try some of our 15 minute recipes or for deeper flavours give our other recipe extravaganzas a go.

Exciting Spring flavours from Schwartz herbs & spices

Add these delicious Schwartz herbs & spices for fresh spring time flavours.

Try our flavourful Spring recipes using Schwartz recipe mixes

These easy to make spring meals using Schwartz recipe mixes are ready in 15 minutes.

Schwartz recipe mixes for 15 minute meals

Create seasonal recipes with a little help from Schwartz.

Take your health kick to tasty new levels with Turmeric

With an unmistakeable, bright yellow hue, turmeric isn't just known for its many uses in cooking. Part of this tropical spice's appeal is its main component, curcumin, which gives it many of its unique properties including its bright yellow colour.